Alvin Lattimore, MBA

Genuine genius is not self-proclaimed but is unnoticed by the genius and recognized by the masses.  Alvin Lattimore has and will continue to mark the world with his genius and creativity.  Born in Harlem, New York and raised in Far Rockaway, New York, Alvin has learned the benefits of being street wise as well as book smart.  It is the drive of the events he has witnessed through his life that have pushed him to explore, define and execute the genius that has been bestowed onto him.

Mr. Lattimore has accomplished much as a young entrepreneur, husband and student.  Along the way he has learned the importance of education and the resources it brings. Alvin has started and developed several businesses and internet websites and programs.  He has completed seven certifications in Internet Marketing through Market Motive making him a Practitioner in Conversion Optimization, Internet Marketing Fundamentals, Online PR, PPC, SEO, Social Media and Web Analytics.  He has developed entire systems to help individuals increase their online presence for their businesses.  Alvin holds a Bachelor’s, with honors, magna cum laude, in International Marketing. He has also acquired a MBA in Marketing.  However, his ambition does not stop there; Mr. Lattimore is also a NLP Master Practitioner making him an asset to all organization he leads or takes an interest in assisting.  Alvin is not defined by his education but by the character he upholds in business and in his family life.

Alvin is married to Verleiz Lattimore with whom he shares a home in Suffolk County.  The two are also business partners and best friends.  They have supported one and other through their education and growing process and have struck a balance in the success of life.  Together they have authored Me Against the Machine, a textbook and a workbook on becoming successful in the music industry.  Mr. Lattimore is also the author of the e-book, How to Sell Avon Online, Seven Habits of Effective Avon E-Reps, and is in the process of completing his latest book where he discusses how he got into Internet and affiliate marketing.

Mr. Lattimore has a very creative side, he has been a music artist for over fifteen years and has done a lot of his business research in order to establish and grow his own recording label.  It is Alvin’s attention to detail and organization that always allows him to see the little things that create great opportunities.  He is sought after for his advice and his charismatic personality.  He has the ability to make people feel comfortable and most of all understood, when they are in his presence.  Mr. Lattimore invests time into relationship and ideas, for he has the understanding that these are the opportunities that grow success.

Mr. Lattimore understands value and wants to assist others in finding their value and potential.  “There is a genius in everyone, some individual just need help find theirs,” says Mr. Lattimore.  “I am grateful to the mentors that have helped me in my growth.  I feel it is time that I return the favor.”  Mr. Lattimore, just like you, knows the joy of success and having dreams worth accomplishing in life.  You are not going to find many individuals like Alvin and you absolutely want to pay attention when you do.

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